What We Do

LaAmistad, Inc. serves first-generation students and families through two of its reputable programs, LaAmistad After School and LaAmistad English for Successful Living. Both of these programs are being replicated across Georgia and the United States, reflecting and complimenting the extremely successful Atlanta-based programs piloted at Peachtree Presbyterian Church and Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church.

LaAmistad, Inc. provides start-up materials such as operations manuals and a comprehensive welcome package (comprised of handbooks, flyers, forms, posters, etc.), plus support from LaAmistad, Inc. staff for those who are wanting to pursue replication of LaAmistad, Inc. LaAmistad, Inc. also supports new sites by conducting site visits to facilitate administrative and volunteer trainings, offering an unlimited amount of consultation via phone, the right to copy any and all materials and procedures, and a webpage on LaAmistad, Inc.’s website. For sites wishing to replicate in the Atlanta area, the benefits and support are seen on a much grander scale, additionally including invitations to our Parent Partnership Program, our Parent Resource Center, and the chance for LaAmistad After School students to attend LaAmistad’s Animate Summer Camp at The Westminster Schools. All of this support results from more than a decade of successful programming at LaAmistad’s pilot programs in Atlanta.