After School Tutoring

Many first-generation parents are unable to provide their children adequate help with their schoolwork due to language and education barriers. LaAmistad After School is a multi-dimensional afterschool program which places a heavy focus on tutoring the students to improve academic success and also on providing mentoring so each student has a role model to look up to. LaAmistad After School helps take the burden of not being able to assist their children off of parents who already are faced with so many obstacles to succeed in the United States by ensuring these children complete homework, projects, and are prepared for exams.

In addition, LaAmistad After School families are also provided with the resources that they are in desperate need of in order to live successfully here in the US. Life skills, study sessions, ESL classes for parents, legal aid, and other assistance are provided to these families so that the parents and students can live with less anxiety weighing on their shoulders. In order to provide the resources and mentor relationships that LaAmistad offers, it has partnered with many organizations within the Atlanta community such as Girls Inc., Cub Scouts, Junior League of Atlanta, Breakthrough Atlanta, A Better Chance, The Westminster Schools, Instituto de Mexicoas well as many others.

Another unique opportunity that LaAmistad extends to its students is the chance to participate in events across the city, which expose the students to the fine arts and enriching cultural experiences. LaAmistad students have proudly attended The High Museum of Arts, The Atlanta Opera, The Alliance Theatre, The Atlanta Symphony, concerts, and sporting events such as Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks games.

A Day in the Life of a LaAmistad After School Student

Each day when the students arrive, every student is offered a snack and is given time to unwind after the school day by participating in recreational activities such as basketball, soccer, kickball, or other activities. After having down time, each student then makes his or her way into assigned classrooms. Once in the classroom, the student participates in a 10 minute journaling exercise, and then begins to organize and implement his or her plan for completing homework. After the homework is complete and has been checked by a volunteer, the student works on exercises that are tailored to each student’s needs of academic support. These activities could include study skill work, reading, playing educational games that work to improve both academic and social skills, or completing work assigned in a customized binder for each student. The driving force behind the success of the LaAmistad After School programs is the vast number of volunteers that come in every afternoon and take on roles of being a mentor and a tutor. Volunteers work hard each day to cultivate the mentoring relationships they have with all of the students. LaAmistad volunteers also encourage students to not be satisfied with status quo by enforcing that true success means to work to the highest level possible by each individual.