Parent Partnership

Through the Parent Partnership program, LaAmistad, Inc. provides parents the resources they need to better support their families which will in turn uplift the community. LaAmistad strives to educate families about the importance of parent communication and interaction with their children, healthy living, financial management, mental health, immigration issues and legal aid, long term goal setting, college prep, and much more. LaAmistad hosts these educational workshops throughout the year and attendance is required by parents in order to have their student participate in the LaAmistad After School program. The ultimate goal of the workshops is to strengthen, revitalize, and equip first-generation families to thrive while building and maintaining healthy family relationships. In order to conduct these classes, LaAmistad, Inc. partners with other community organizations such as Ser Familia, Inc., Sin Fronteras, MALDEF and many more in order to ensure that families receive a well-rounded education and resource outreach.

Additionally, all families have access to the computer lab, internet, and library that are located at Peachtree Presbyterian Church. Here, a Parent Resource Center is also provided where parents can obtain additional information regarding other avenues of programing that may help their families.

LaAmistad’s growth has been exponential over the past years, and in order to ensure LaAmistad’s high standard is replicated at all additional sites, new sites are encouraged to develop a Parent Resource Center as well. The Parent Resource Center offers a wealth of information by placing pamphlets and packets at the fingertips of the families involved in both LaAmistad After School and LaAmistad English for Successful Living. The Parent Resource Center offers information regarding:
  • LaAmistad, Inc.
  • Church Locations in the Area
  • Local Public Schools
  • Abstinence from Underage Drinking
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Local Music Resources
  • Latin American Association
  • Sin Fronteras
  • Estrellitas
  • Ser Familia , Inc.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • CredAbility
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Sonrié (Publication of Wal-Mart, Huggies and Colgate-Palmolive)
  • Environmental Risks for Children (
  • Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Help with Abusive Relationships (Partnership Against Domestic Violence)
  • Right From the Start Medicaid Outreach Project
  • Breakthrough
  • A Better Chance
  • Alternative Schools
  • Affordable Mental Health Treatment
  • Affordable Dentistry
  • Community information and announcements for the Latino population
  • Free Events